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Every county has a story that contributes to the rich history of the State of Colorado. I've had the privilege to travel our state and hear those stories - all of which have instilled in me that a Governor MUST NEVER FORGET that each of our 64 counties plays a unique role in both our history and our future – and their voices must heard as we work toward raising the value of the overall state.

It is the job of our Governor to promote, protect, and preserve the various economies and the different ways of life that Coloradoans have chosen to live, because that's what makes Colorado!

So in recognizing our 64 stories, a contribution of $64 to my campaign will ensure the voices of those individuals are heard loud and clear under the Capitol dome.

It’s about all of us.

Please make your contribution today. Time is of the essence! 

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Please make checks payable to “Greg Lopez for Governor” and mail this form to: Greg Lopez for Governor: P.O. Box 2017: Parker, CO 80134