Get Involved! 


Please take this opportunity to join our campaign, and bring friends and family on board! 

Your help will make the difference

There are many ways to volunteer, from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.


Here are ways you can help:

Host Friends at Your Home
I will never get tired of meeting Coloradans. For many years, I’ve had the honor of discussing the future, and I appreciate a smaller setting where I can invite members of the community to sit and talk about what is best for our state and its future.

My goal is to bring us into an alignment of pride and purpose. Only from listening and talking to each other can we create the blueprint for improving our lives, and the lives of our family and neighbors.

I would be honored if you contacted our campaign, if you share my sentiments.  

Become a Volunteer
Fewer things are more gratifying than joining in a common purpose that is also backed by a solid plan. Knowing what needs to be done and having the ability to execute can be inspiring in itself. As your next Governor, I will be motivated each day by having that plan and carrying it out faithfully for you.  

A team is beneficial is so many ways, and volunteering can be made simple, and fit into your daily or weekly availability. The contribution of your time or resources will not go unappreciated. Our effort together will be something to be proud of and effective. It is not a stretch to suggest that you will be investing in your own future.

Please give me an opportunity to explain how I could use your assistance, by reaching out to us. You won't regret it.   


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