I’m both proud and humbled to ask for your vote to be Colorado’s next Governor.

Almost 30 years ago, my wife Lisa and I made Colorado our home. As the old saying goes, “I am not a native of Colorado, but I got here as soon as I could!” The love I quickly developed for our state comes from having traveled it; top to bottom and corner to corner. I established myself, settled my family, and found a way to be a continual part of our civic life. As I’m sure you can relate, once you’ve found a place to call home, you want to make it the best it can possibly be.

Some of you may remember me as Colorado’s Director for the U.S. Small Business Administration – acting as the voice and face of small business. As it so happens, Lisa and I each own and operate small business entities. Others may recall that when the town of Parker had a minority population of less than 1%, I was elected mayor at the age of 27 - the youngest ever elected at the time. Further, “Mayor” was not simply a title. The responsibilities were that of a Town Administrator; a combination of CEO and Chief Operations Officer. I managed day-to-day details, and was accountable to our citizens for measurable results.

Also at an early age, I enlisted in the United States Air Force. I was always mindful of what it meant to seek and preserve the American Dream. After becoming disabled and being honorably discharged, I began to seek my Dream, to serve my wife and children. Through my profession, I also committed myself to helping others who wanted to attain their own Dream.

I earned my Associates Degree in Business Administration, from New Mexico State University. As a father, I instilled strong middle-class values, with my children Michael and Christina, which highlighted the value of hard work and strong moral courage. I taught them about character being the result of making tough choices when no one was watching them. Every day, I still set out to do my best to reach my full potential, as admittedly, I am a work-in-progress. Lisa is my rock and my compass, and after 29 years of marriage, I am grateful to her for remaining by my side, and sharing this journey with me.       

I have a passion for reaching out to individuals across the political spectrum, and to those in every position in life. I have been a Republican for many years, but when I was elected Mayor, I was a registered Democrat, in a strong Republican county. That was not easy. But I learned that people simply want their government to serve them – to deliver a sense of safety, security, and peace of mind. As a public servant, and as a human being, I simply believe in doing what I have promised.

My promise to you is this: I will work tirelessly, and build upon our success. 30 years ago, I made Colorado my home, and I want our home to be the best it can be… for everyone.

I hope you'll join me.

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