I am the only candidate who can win counties like Denver, Boulder, Larimer, and Adams!

In the months to come, I’ll share how and why I know how to win an election, leading to a victory in which we all can share. At age 27, I was elected as a registered Democrat, to the office of Mayor in the town of Parker, in the Republican stronghold of Douglas County. My dear friend Jim Nicholson, who became Chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1997, was my mentor when I became a Republican in 1994. 

I am the only candidate…

  • Who has actively helped the small business community across the state 
  • Who knows how to connect with voters from different parties and all walks of life, especially the minority voters in Denver
  • Who knows how to reverse Republican losses, where it has become common to lose the counties of Denver, Boulder, Larimer, and Adams

Also, I am the only candidate with extensive government executive management experience. As Mayor of Parker, my duties entailed those of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

I plan to…

  • Re-ignite the torch of freedom and kick-start the resurgence of the American Dream for those living throughout our 64 counties
  • Make Colorado a state in which life is better, fuller, and richer for everyone
  • Deliver opportunity for citizens possessing different levels of ability or achievement 
  • Integrate the true essence of personal responsibility

I will be a Governor who will keep his finger on the pulse of the communities in each of our 64 counties!

Our future

As Colorado continues to be a “destination state,” we will continue to face many challenges. Unfortunately, as we all know, these challenges are a result of…

  • Poor fiscal management
  • Misguided budgetary priorities
  • Our partisan divide

As I’ve said, I am the only candidate with hands-on experience in running government. I will deliver a set of enduring solutions.

Among my mission priorities

Fact is, Small Business is the backbone of our state’s economy. We are home to over 572,000 small business entities employing nearly one million people! As Governor, I will increase funding for the Small Business Development Centers across the state, and establish goals within our state to encourage further growth. It is the entrepreneurial spirit of Colorado that will lead to more jobs!

In education, I will work to advance choice in education and focus upon solutions that truly provide opportunities for every student – at all levels of public education – to succeed in academics, as well as in life.

greg lopez family.jpg
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
— Ancient Proverb
greg n wife.jpg

In Transportation, I will seek to establish public/private partnerships to ensure our transportation infrastructure is repaired, no longer neglected, and second to none.

Toward fiscal responsibility, all Coloradans deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money. I will honor TABOR, which insures state government is reined-in, and remains small but effective.

The time is now. What Colorado needs, is exactly what i have to offer: A track record of results, and experience demonstrating my commitment to solving problems - not just observing them.

Every Coloradan is a character in the story of our state, and we will come together for the betterment of the future we share.

As your Governor, I will follow the Code of the West:

1) Live each day with courage.

2) Take pride in your work.

3) Always finish what you start.           

4) Do what has to be done.

5) Be tough,but fair.                                      

6) When you make a promise, keep it. 

7) Ride for the brand.        

8) Talk less and say more.

9) Remember that some things aren't for sale.

10) Know where to draw the line

Join me in this journey, and contribute to a victory that all of us may share.